Bonnell’s Rod Shop’s Services Include:

Bonnell’s Rod shop has a vast selection of tools and equipment. Parts can be restored or built from scratch if needed. The Rod Shop team has an extensive amount knowledge and skill to create one off custom parts or reconstruct vintage original items. If you can dream it, we can build it for you.





DSC_6115Paint and Body:

From a sweet street car to a high end custom your paint finish is the first thing everyone sees. Bonnell’s Rod Shop has worked with PPG Refinish to achieve show winning paint work. No matter whether you are bringing in your vehicle for a touch up or multi-layered one off custom paint job The Rod Shop only uses the highest quality materials. Using quality materials for your vehicle’s finish will make it look great for years to come.




Blasting 1Media Blasting:

Bonnell’s Rod Shop is equipped with its own onsite media blast system. Each and every project is stripped using various types of media. All types of cars from delicate original Corvettes to sun baked rusty relics can be cleaned to original substrate. Industrial blasting services are also a big part of the day to day operations. The Rod Shop has worked with everything from large castings to sensitive aviation components.




DSC_5538Full Project Builds:

Bonnell’s Rod Shop can build the car of your dreams. From meticulous restorations to mind blowing full customs the Rod Shop has you covered. The Rod Shop also has the ability to take your vehicle from design to completed project ready for show and go.





Corvette ComparePartial Restorations:

Some customers prefer  to do some of the work themselves. At any step of the building process Bonnell’s Rod Shop can help you achieve your goals. The Rod Shop has an evaluation process which can be used to build a road map of repairs and processes to be completed. This helps customers navigate through their project to pick to and choose what they would like assistance with.




327Collectables Restoration Gas Pumps, Pedal Cars, Signs:

With an ever growing popularity, Bonnell’s has expanded. They can now refurbish your collectables. The Rod Shop can incorporate new aftermarket parts when available or repair existing parts to like new condition.




DSC_3690Suspension Systems:

From Pro-touring to Pro-street, Mini Trucks with Air Ride to stock original muscle cars,  and everything in between Rod Shop technicians interests cover all walks of automotive chassis and suspensions. Bonnell’s Rod Shop has  the ability to build a custom one off chassis in house and can accommodate any chassis your build requires.  If you prefer to use a pre-built chassis The Rod Shop has worked with numerous chassis builders from all over the country.



DSC_0676Custom Exhaust and Stainless Headers:

Bonnell’s Rod Shop can custom build your stainless headers and exhaust. With numerous suppliers in our vendor database, the Rod Shop has the ability to order pre-bent kits to be installed on your vehicle. Whether your driving  a street rod, classic car or modern muscle Bonnell’s Rod Shop can make your car or truck sound just the way you want it.




Blue SmallerCustom Paint and Graphics:

Bonnell’s Rod Shop has the ability to create eye popping custom paint designs. Replicating original muscle car graphics is just the start of The Rod Shop’s capabilities. Flames of all types are able to be stretched over the fine curves of all types of street rods and customs. Flaked out bikes and cars can be covered in multiple layers candy and stripes. The Rod Shop can work with you to achieve your custom paint needs.



DSC_3270CNC Plasma Cutting:

Bonnell’s Rod Shop can custom cut most anything out of sheet metal.  Mild Steel, Aluminum, and Stainless are sliced and diced into new brackets, frame rails, and all kinds abstract shapes. We can use your design our ours. Using CAD we can design your parts to work and fit as needed.