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Jim’s 1938 Ford is repaired and ready for summer!

Ihpone 10-31-2016 263

Bonnell’s Rod Shop has repaired Jim’s 1938 Ford Standard back to the way it should be. This cool old car is a fine example of an original cruiser. Jim’s car is still sporting the original Flathead V8 and running great. Unfortunately a chance encounter with another car left the rear of the ’38 banged and bruised. Working with Jim’s insurance company Bonnell’s Rod Shop was able to repair the car back to it’s former glory.The repair started by removing the damaged pieces and parts. The car was then transported to Bonnell’s Collision Center where Paul worked his magic to straighten the original frame and pull the body back into the correct shape. Once this was done the vehicle was sent back to the Rod Shop for further repair. The original passenger rear fender was repaired. The rear body panel and inner structure were damaged beyond repair and were replaced by new sheet metal. These pieces were modified to fit the original vehicle perfectly.

Ihpone 10-31-2016 244Scooter 1The original trunk lid was destroyed. Finding an original trunk lid is like searching for a needle in a haystack. None could be found there were not rusted, busted, or bent. After searching all over the country the decision was made to completely rebuild the trunk lid. Richie Hess (Bonnell’s Ace Metal Crafter), started off by removing the skin and repairing the inner structure. From this point a new trunk lid skin could be formed.  Using his skill and Bonnell’s awesome array of equipment Richie recreated the once mangled trunk lid. From this point the body work was completed and the vehicle was sent off to paint. Once in the booth Josh sprayed several coats of PPG on back half of the car. Once out of the booth it was off to detail sand and buff. With a nice clean paint job Sean made quick work of it. Once all the masking was removed the ’38 was reassembled. With the car detailed and ready for summer the Rod Shop crew really enjoyed working to put this cool old ride back on the road.


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